Saturday, April 9, 2011


From Wikipedia:
"Green Island Serenade" (traditional Chinese: 綠島小夜曲; pinyin: Lǜdǎo Xiǎoyèqǔ; also known as "Serenade of Green Island") is a Mandarin Chinese classic song composed in 1954 by Zhou Lanping, first performed by Zi Wei, and made famous by Teresa Teng. The lyrics of this song were probably written by either Pan Yingjie or Gao Yudang.
The song has been caught in a decades-long dispute over authorship and intent. This song has often been associated with a political meaning, for the real Green Island was used as a place of exile for political prisoners from the late 1940s during the single party rule of Taiwan's Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party). A prisoner their named Gao Yudang claimed to have authored the lyrics before he died. Pan Yingjie, a professional musician, also claimed to have written the song for a movie soundtrack before he died. He claimed that the Green Island in the title means Taiwan itself, and that the original intent of the song was a description of unrequited romantic love.

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