Wednesday, September 1, 2010

痴痴地等 靜婷 (Tsin Ting)

Tsin Ting (Chinese: 静婷; pinyin: Jìng Tíng) (born 1934 in Sichuan, Republic of China) is a Chinese singer and dubbing artist, who is perhaps best known as the Marni Nixon of Hong Kong cinema.
Tsin Ting arrived in Hong Kong in 1949 with her brother after China came under communist rule. Left to fend for herself after her brother left for Taiwan, she sang in nightclubs to earn some money. In 1953, she recorded a Cantonese song, "One Day When We Were Young", on one side of a 78 but refused to do the other after finding her command of the language not up to par.
In 1954, she auditioned for EMI Pathé when they were recruiting new talent but was told by composer Yao Min who auditioned her that her vocals lacked power and energy. She was offered instead, a part in the chorus. In 1956, she was signed on as a solo artist after Miriam Wang, the chief executive, took notice of her. Her first record was two songs from the Shaw & Sons film Narcissus, where she dubbed for actress Shih Ying. Her self-taught ability to read music was an added bonus as this saved valuable studio time. Film studios soon began using her to dub their musical films

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