Sunday, September 12, 2010

情花開 - 鳴茜 ROWENA

Ng Ming Sin started singing English songs as Rowena 鳴茜. She recorded under Diamond Records with slow and haunting romantic ballads like Sweetheart tree, Moment to moment, If you were the only boy, Crying in the chapel and Shadow of your smile. Her wide appeal on HK Rediffusion TV and expansive repertoire (incl. Mandarin and Cantonese songs) would make her a popular playback singer in various Chinese movies like the song 青年人的夢 (Dreams of the youth) in 小雲雀 The lark (1965) and the theme song of 公子多情 (My darling wife) (1965). Rowena Ng left show business in the 70′s and is now retired in Canada.

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